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| June 24, 2018

Cyclevision Custom Soft Case

Cyclevision Custom Soft Case

Exciting news, Cyclevision has taken the initiative and increased its value-added proposition to all those that intend to pursue a purchase of the innovative new Cyclevision EDGE helmet


While our helmet has been undergoing modification to ready it for mass production, we have also been busy in the back ground refining our method of shipping our product to you


The priority in this endeavor is to assure the purchaser that they will receive their helmet in perfect condition no matter where they live in the world and that the helmet may remain in perfect condition even during long and sometime rough trips.


To that end we have been in lockdown with a talented manufacturing company that has mastered production of our custom Cyclevision helmet soft case


The good news for you is that at absolutely no extra cost these unique soft cases will be part of the delivery package when you purchase your Cyclevision EDGE helmet


We have extensively tested the cases for safe delivery of our helmets during domestic and international freight and we are excited say that the test helmets were all delivered to their intended address without so much as a scratch, and all electronic functions working perfectly, the case even comes with an inside pocket for holding the data/recharge cable so you will never forget to take it with you


Some minor details on packaging design need to be finalised but the soft case is complete and ready to go with your helmet


Traveling and exploring new ground whether it be in your own back yard or around the world with all the breath-taking sights and sounds that only cycling can bring is wonderful experience. Recording and sharing these new adventures is part of the fun; so, no matter where in this world you travel the ‘soft case’ will keep your Cyclevision EDGE helmet in perfect condition ready for your next adventure


And it is just another way of saying ‘thank you’ to all our supporters who have persisted with us over this long but exhilarating journey



Thank You

Robert Asker

Cyclevision MD   

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