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| July 31, 2018

Cyclevision EDGE revision J cops a pounding

Cyclevision EDGE revision J cops a pounding

Our destructive testing program soldiers on, and this time its helmet shell revision J that's up for a pounding. June 2018, after 5 months of meticulous and painstaking development, and with many less than perfect attempts (as seen in this short video) we are inching closer and closer to a successful outcome, lets see how revision J fairs'

Bicycle helmet destructive testing standards '101'

The Australian/New Zealand bicycle helmet destructive testing standard AS/NZS 2063:2008, and the European/British standard EN-1078 requires the test helmet is secured onto a dummy head-form. Depending on size of the helmet, the mass of the head-forms can range from 300 grams to 700 grams.

Once secured to the head-form, the helmet is then dropped from more or less 1.6 meters gaining a maximum velocity at impact of 4.5 mps (meters per second) onto a flat anvil with a maximum 'G force' (Giganewton - g)  permitted during impact deceleration of 200g for AS/NZS and 250g for EN standards, the helmet is then turned to a new (undamaged) side, and/or the crown, front or rear and the test repeated over and over, (one spike above 200g and/or 250g and its game over) so far the little EDGE revision J helmet happily complies to these standards.  

However the CPSC:1203 destructive standard is a whole different ball game. The North  American destructive testing standards also has same flat anvil tests, but also a rounded anvil test which see the helmets dropped from a height of 2.2 meters and gains a velocity of 6.5 mps (meters per second) = (23.4 kilometers per hour) smashing the helmet into the rounded anvil, however the helmet can also be arranged so that any air vents are the prime target and they try and smash them apart on impact. and it is this aspect that has challenged us to think outside the box, to formulate the best possible course of action for the best possible outcome

We still need to conduct further assessment of the Revision J EDGE helmets and the outcome to CPSC:1203 so we will keep you posted on the outcome

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