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| December 01, 2018

Cyclevision Revision K EDGE helmet - Fist look

Cyclevision Revision K EDGE helmet - Fist look

As a blueprint for the future, Cyclevision’s mandate is to not only provide you with an elite vision recording platform, but uncompromising cycling head protection

 While conducting extensive testing and further research into the destruction characteristics of the Cyclevision EDGE bicycle helmet, we have found that we can further enrich our creativity by ‘closing in’ some of our larger side air vents of the helmet with new side contour ribs and a new top bridge

 Embracing this design evolution, we have unearthed the stunning natural beauty that lay dormant in the original EDGE helmet design; the results are well’ “absolutely amazing”, the ‘devil is in the detail’, and this little helmet has suddenly evolved into a stunningly sophisticated work of art

 This is a first look at the new Cyclevision Revision K’ EDGE helmet shells manufactured on 30 November 2018

 These helmets are ready to be fitted out with latest electronics suit, whereby they will be prepared for the destructive testing agency to smash them to pieces.

Our Revision K helmet moulds will be further perfected over the coming weeks to ensure crisp, clean lines and a perfect finish. (More to come)   

EDGE Rev K pic 1 - first lookEDGE Rev K pic 2 - first lookEDGE Rev K pic 3 - first lookEDGE Rev K pic 4 - first look

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