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| March 03, 2019

Don't tell your friends, they may pinch your option

Don't tell your friends, they may pinch your option

I do believe we have turned onto the road to redemption

Cyclevision is pleased to announce that the Cyclevision EDGE revision N helmets have passed AS/NZS 2063 destructive testing.

As much as we would have liked to complete final arrangements for worldwide international certification, we feel that after nearly 5 years of development we owe the cycling community the option to acquire the helmet at the earliest possible opportunity.

As such; we have made the decision to temporarily postpone further international testing to afford us the opportunity to set the wheels of production in place for the revision N helmets. We fully expect to revisit CPSC and EN testing in the coming months, but for now we need to release the helmet 

The good news is that sales are not limited solely to the Australian and New Zealand regions; international cyclists from all over the world wishing to purchase the helmet may still do so through our website shopfront; so long as they accept and understand that the helmet (thus far) has been tested and certified to meet the very rigorous and highly demanding domestic AS/NZS 2063 legislation only

The last pieces of the puzzle for us now are:- 

  • Outer helmet shipping boxes & labels 
  • Internal helmet labeling 
  • Hard-copy manuals
  • (Oh yes) lets make these 'bad boys' 

With all that we have been through I don't see too much of a problem here. 

We will shortly be finalizing our website in conjunction with 'Australia Post' and 'Fulfilio' (3PL) with the necessary 'buyer and shipping options'; however with limited unit numbers scheduled for initial production and a 5 year flood of inquiries, once the helmets are ready to launch they will not last long.

Please keep an eye on the website for further information and updates and 'don't tell your friends' - they may pinch your option 

Rob Asker

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