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| February 03, 2019

Evolution of Elegance

Evolution of Elegance

If you had asked me 12 months ago what I saw as the future for Cyclevision not in my wildest dreams would not have dared to believe the evolution of this amazing product 

2018 was truly the year of enhancement and the Cyclevision EDGE revision N helmet has truly evolved from the elementary to sophistication and elegance

 2018 saw

  • The front bridge V ‘closed over’ to strengthen the lower monocoque circumferential perimeter
  • Total x8 additional side impact contour ribs have been crafted either side of the helmet shell main strap
  • Enhanced EPS foam design has been introduced behind the front camera and under the crown
  • Additional crown bridging ribs have been added to enhance battery housing security
  • Improved comfort liner, and a technically advanced electronics suit also enveloped 

As a result of an incredible year Cyclevision is delighted to introduce the all new Revision 'N' EDGE helmets, soon to be released

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