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| July 07, 2018

Fang Mounts

Fang Mounts

Cyclevision is excited to announce that our innovative and unique patented design smartphone mounts which we have called ‘Fang Mounts’ have surpassed all expectations during lengthy field trials; and as such Cyclevision have made the decision to shortly commence manufacture of these sleek and versatile little Fangs

Fang Mounts, remarkable, versatile, essential

 Made from glass filled nylon polymer, and ‘weighing-in’ at an inconsequential 98 grams these super lightweight, simple but cleverly designed Fangs mount forward of the bicycle handlebars, and by replicating the body’s own anatomical structure, to include arms, and elbows, these Fangs are free to be positioned along any lateral sagittal plane to securely hold any size/shape cycling aid device in ‘landscape mode’ and at any viewing angle suitable to the rider.

 Mounting your smartphone or GPS has never been easier or quicker; simply slide your device through the each of dual flexible elastics on each lever and you’re done, when not in use, simply fold the Fangs away or aside

 Fang Mounts, fully articulated flexibility

Natural friction from the dual elastics on each lever securely clamps your device in position against a set of lower lever arm stops, once locked in place road or trail induced bicycle frame vibration will not inadvertently release your device

 There are no ugly or obtrusive backing pads or locks to stick to your smartphone or phone case, and spoiling the look and versatility of your phone, these Fangs keep it simple so you can simply slide your smartphone (as is) into position

Fang Mount, clever, innovative, adaptable

 One of the greatest attributes of the Fangs is because they are mounted forward of the handlebars means your device is in full view without having to avert your attention away from the road ahead., making them superior to all others and ideal for road cycling

 If you already have a device mounted center of the handlebars, and wish to keep it in that position, then ‘no problems’ the Fang elbows and arms are fully articulated and can be simply re-positioned or offset to the center line of the bicycle handlebar to accommodate your device.

Whatever the make model or size of your smartphone, again that is no problem for the Fang Mount, simply spread or narrow the Fangs to your exact preference, and you are on your way

  If glare from the sun is proving a problem, then raise or lower the levers to ‘loose the glare’ or lift one lever only to offset the angle. And in the event of an accident the Fangs instantly fold back and aside to prevent injury to the rider

  Fang Mount, intuitive, adjustable, ergonomic

The natural dampening action of the fangs provides a stable platform enabling the rider to easily see the display screen of any device mounted in the Fangs even over the roughest of roads and trails,

Best of all we are pushing hard and trimming any excess costs to make these Fang Mounts by far the most cost-effective and versatile cycling aids that you could ever purchase

 Fangs Mounts will become part of the standard ‘helmet purchase package’ and also available for purchase separately (Watch this space for a remarkable price and availability announcement)

 To ensure you are amongst the very first in the world to get your hands on these Fangs, simply register your interest with Cyclevision and we will ensure you are informed the moment these truly amazing mounts become available


International worldwide distribution of these Fangs through legitimate bicycle commerce is our aim, and, if this is something that interests you then please contact us

 Sometimes the most remarkable innovations are the simple ones that no one could imagine have not already been done

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