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| March 09, 2018

Toronto International Bicycle Show Supported by Advance Queensland

Toronto International Bicycle Show Supported by Advance Queensland

Our Cyclevision stand is proudly supported by the Queensland Governments Department of Science, Information technology and Innovation (DISTI) Advance Queensland ‘Ignite ideas’ fund.

If you fly 15 hours North east direct from Brisbane you will land in a very sorry state in Vancouver, Canada where we are briefly wakened from our zombie state by some final flurries and fields of snow as the city recovers from one of their coldest winters in years.

Vancouver is our ‘stop over’ and a chance to overcome some severe jetlag before we head to Toronto on Tuesday and the 3 day International bicycle show on the weekend.

While in Vancouver I take the opportunity to take a 2 hour ride around a snowy foreshore on beautiful Stanley Park, on the luxuriously and extraordinarily bicycle lanes.

We leave Vancouver arriving 5 hours later in freezing icy conditions of the end of a cold Toronto Winter.

Toronto is an extremely busy city, not immune to complete traffic chaos that besieges any major city, and riding a bicycle in this city looks to be a seriously dangerous business and one that I am not prepared to tackle at short notice.

We setup the Cyclevision exhibition stand on the Thursday in apprehension of the long weekend to come and the three days of presentation that lay ahead.

I have never seen a bicycle show such as this, it truly is the ‘home show’ for bicycles the sheer size of the hall, packed to the walls with everything cycling is a spectacle like I have never before seen and a sight to behold.


Cyclevision was the only company representing Queensland, Australia at this prestigious international cycling exhibition, however we were proud to exhibit the Cyclevision Edge advanced concept bicycling helmet.

 Day one 11.59am Friday morning, we had no idea of the onslaught that was about to follow; to say it was an ambush would be an understatement.

The Cyclevision EDGE bicycle helmet was a huge hit, the Cyclevision exhibition stand was inundated from the moment the show opened until closing 3 days later.

The exhibition crowd circled the Cyclevision stand two to three deep at times, all clambering for a glimpse of the future in the way of a little Australian innovation to the humble bicycle helmet.

The helmets themselves performed magnificently, the operation and reliability of the device when handed to the masses subsequently turning the helmet ON and OFF and inspecting its features and testing its attributes was true testimony to the merit of the 3 year journey we have been on with this product.  

The helmets were by far the star of the show, we were regularly informed by long time veterans of the show, that never before had they witnessed such interest in a single product; (for which we were humbled).

The show closed at 6.00pm on Sunday 4th March, and ‘exhausted’ and ‘hoarse’ we packed our gear, ready to move onto Denmark for the next weekend and the Nordic bicycle exhibition in Copenhagen.

Rob Asker.


Advance Queensland

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