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| June 24, 2018

June 2018 Helmet Update

June 2018 Helmet Update

Bizarre things happen for the strangest of reasons, at first, they may look like a total ‘train crash’ but then, if you dig deep enough you will find the silver lining.


Our first ever attempt at a Kickstarter campaign lacked the necessary punch to get it ‘over the line’ and regrettably it petered out before it could mature; and then as if to kick you when you are down, the helmet did not fair as well as anticipated during final certification.


As a company we regrouped, dug deep, and made a bold decision to postpone the product launch, the fact that the Kickstarter tapered off towards the end meant that for ‘whatever reason’ we had somehow been gifted some invaluable time to fully rectify the problems we faced and be ready to launch the helmet without limitations


And that is exactly what we have been doing over these past few months.


In detail; the helmet ever so slightly failed destructive testing when the front camera housing was found to ‘bend’ during impact testing, the bending meant the forces from impact on the front of the helmet were being transmitted straight back onto the testing head-form.


The answer was to bridge the gap between the left and right sides of the front camera housing, thus strengthening the lower circumferential permitter of the helmet and then we needed to add a little more EPS foam and shock absorbing compounds to prevent bending and soften the blow


Quite a large and lengthy modification as it turns out, and in truth this was never going to be an easy project, there are no other products like the Cyclevision EDGE helmet on the market, so everything we are doing is a first, and occasionally things do not turn out as well as we would like, however needless to say, we have persevered and we are now happy to announce that the new revision ‘I’ EDGE helmets are scheduled for resumption of testing in the coming weeks


With an enlightened respect towards the complexities of the bicycle helmet destructive testing requirements, if we are as successful in this next round of testing as we anticipate then we can finally proceed towards mass production and product launch without further ado     


 For those interested in the modification process I have attached some graphics of before modification (Revision ‘H’) and after modification (Revision ‘I’)


You can see that we have added a plastic bridge to the left and right sides of the front camera housing and increased the level of EPS foam behind the bridge


 Your protection is our first and foremost priority, as such we trust you will understand the above explanation as reason for delay in our product launch


 As always you can contact us directly through our feedback form and we will endeavor to answer your questions as quickly as possible



Robert Asker

Managing Director


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