Tropical North Queensland innovations awards

November 16 2016 Cyclevision awarded 1st place in its category as the "Best Pipeline Product" in the prestigious 'Tropical North Queensland Innovation Awards' (TNQIA) We are honored and thrilled to accept the award for the dedication of the Cyclevision team who dared to take a dream and turn it into reality 

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30,000,000 - 50,000,000 bicycle helmets manufactured every year,  and Cyclevision is stoked to display the very first dedicated bicycle helmet in the world with integrated forward and rear  facing HD cameras that will capture every moment of your ride. From front to back "we have you covered"    

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Robert up on stage accepting the TNQIA award on behalf of our amazing team and wonderful shareholders, who with their belief, never ending support and enthusiasm have helped shape this project from a series of 0's and 1's on a computer hard drive to a working product. We are deeply indebted to their dedication 

Captain Cook Highway, Cairns, Queensland 15-January-2017 - Simply stunning vision of rearwards approaching traffic. Great aspect ratio, much higher than fixed frame mounted cycle cameras 'gives you the edge'

Captain Cook Highway, Cairns, Queensland - What's amazing is the clarity of vision this innovation to the humble bicycle helmet is capable of. This is a pretty rough piece of asphalt and the ensuing camera vibration is kept to a minimum with your body doing the dampening 

We at Cyclevision are fearless and like to do our own crash testing, in this experiment we master the "don't run into the brick wall after the speed hump test"; the helemt comes through with flying colors (can't say much for the crash test dumby) Just goes to show how quickly and simply it can all unravel

Down town in Cairns, Tropical North Queensland - Short ride around the bikeways of the Central Business District (CBD) to test an early helmet sample 

Trinity Beach Esplanade, Cairns, Queensland. Home of Cyclevision (Early video footage of our little piece of paradise)  Queensland, its all about the beaches, and the warmth of the people.