Bicycle helmet concept ‘home grown’ prototype successful development                           JANUARY 2015         Proof of concept

              Combine with premier commercial design team - Form Designs / Perth / Australia              JANUARY 2015         Awesome team collaboration

              Cyclevision company formation 9th February 2015 ASIC ACN 604095104                         FEBRUARY 2015    Project formalisation

              Cyclevision shareholder acquisition and ASIC registration                                                      MARCH 2015            Cyclevision’s guiding force   

             Ongoing research & design Cyclevision advanced concept Bicycle helmet                           APRIL 2015             This is going to be amazing

             Product concept presentation to ‘Amy Gillett Foundation’ Victoria   (Australia)                      AUGUST 2015         Remarkable people doing incredible things

             Cyclevision - Electrical / Skeletal / Helmet moulding international factory selection              OCTOBER 2015      Best of the best talent selection

             Cyclevision 1st Helmet – non-functioning mock-up – review and refinement                         JANUARY 2016          Quite sensational

             Company trademark ®                                                                                                                  FEBRUARY 2016     1st line of protection

             Cyclevision International patent application                                                                               MAY 2016                      2nd line of protection

             Cyclevision ‘App research and development (rear view vision live stream)                            OCTOBER 2016      Live-time rear view Wi-Fi streaming

             T1 working helmet operational testing and review and recommendation                               NOVEMBER 2016   Simply amazing

             Tropical North Queensland Innovation Award winner (TINQ) [Best Pipeline Product]            NOVEMBER 2016   Deeply Thankful

             T1 working helmet rigorous operational testing and review                                                     JANUARY 2017         Doing our own crash tests

             Manufacturing factory inspections / T2 product build process evaluation                              FEBRUARY 2017     Meeting our international team

            T2 working helmet operational testing and review                                                                    MARCH 2017             To Be Announced (TBA)      

            Complete tooling for production                                                                                                  MARCH 2017         70% complete

            Apr 2017 Marketing, domestic and international product sales model refinement                 APRIL 2017                  TBA

            May 2017 Cyclevision distribution outlet acquisition                                                                 APRIL 2017             TBA

            May 2017 Domestic and international testing and certification                                                MAY 2017                      TBA

            June 2017 Mass production                                                                                                        JUNE 2017                TBA

            June 2017 Product launch                                                                                                       JUNE 2017                   Capture the moment