Cyclevision are a passionate Australian cycling company that are on the forefront of cycling helmet technology.

Cyclevision helmets are the most innovative and technologically progressive cycling helmets the world has ever seen, combining sleek design with state of the art HD cameras recording simultaneously to capture forward and rear vision of every aspect of your ride.

There is full international patent pending on this product into the following countries; Australia, Canada, US and Europe (including UK).

Meet the Team

Managing Director

Rob Asker

For Rob Asker, it began with a second unfortunate incident where he was side-swiped by a mini-van on a Trinity Beach roundabout. How this was to translate into the creation of ground-breaking product for cyclists was the first step in the development phase.



Suzanne Asker

Thanks to a lifelong career in healthcare, Suzanne is passionate about quality and best service and she brings this across into her role in Cyclevision. Commited to providing cyclists the most innovative and high quality helmets to improve safety to the highest level.


How the Vision Began

Like many innovative technologies, the idea for Cyclevision came from a personal experience related to a void in the market, a void that had dire consequences for the co-owner of Cyclevision, Rob Asker. Rob, a keen cyclist, was knocked from his bike in a hit and run incident and was severely injured.

Although now fully recovered, it was from this incident and the need for increased safety for cyclists, that the idea for the innovative Cyclevision helmet with the capacity to live-stream and record footage of the road was born.

The game changing feature of the Cyclevison helmet is the innovative design and technology that allows the rider to see behind them without turning their head. Similar to a rear vision mirror, the camera in the back of the helmet streams to your mobile phone that is attached to the front handle bars. This allows cyclists to be constantly aware of their surroundings to help avoid dangerous situations that they may not be aware of otherwise, the helmet gives you eyes in the back of your head. Not only does it stream to your mobile phone, but both the front and back facing cameras record incidents and allow you to seek justice if something bad was to happen.

From the outset, we’ve always strived to create the most innovative helmet on the market and it is our passion to improve cycling safety that keeps driving us forward in creating a helmet that revolutionises cycling forever. We knew we had a winning formula when we were recognised by the Tropical North Queensland Innovation Awards. Our commitment to excellence has never wavered and never will.

It is only after many years of research and development with the helmet design and technology that we proudly bring the Cyclevision helmet onto the market. To see the finished product in all its glory is a real achievement.

We can’t wait to see your videos.

Record the moment, enjoy the ride.