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Rob Asker

Rob Asker

It was the year, 1976 in Melbourne, Australia, I was 16 years old and made the big decision to replace my school books for a motor mechanic apprenticeship, diving head first into the world of VW beetles, I embraced my new working life. After completing my apprenticeship in 1979, I decided to take a journey 1700 km North to the warmer climate of Queensland. A change in career followed and I began the next chapter of my working life with Helicopter maintenance and a career that would ultimately last the better part of 4 decades.

I didn't know it at the time but this was a decision that would ultimately end up taking me around the world. A brave new world was waiting and it only needed me to find the courage to take the first step, so in 1993 I accepted an opportunity to head to the Middle East as maintenance support for the offshore helicopter industry.

On a sensational day in 1994, surrounded by family and friends on a hotel rooftop overlooking the sparkling waters of Coolum, QLD, I married (Suzanne) my long time girlfriend and inspirational life partner, and later that year she joined me in Abu Dhabi. Suzanne furthered her career in Medical Science and  I continued on my assigned 8 week ‘on’, 4 week ‘off’ roster which provided us an amazing opportunity to experience life's pleasures and pains as we traveled the length and width of the planet we call home.

1996 provide us with further opportunities and we moved 150 km North to Dubai. I settled into a full time work environment continuing helicopter maintenance with Aerogulf Services and Suzanne instrumental to the inauguration of medical sciences, firstly to the ‘American Hospital’ of Dubai where she was later poached to establish the Emirates Airlines Medical Clinic.

Calling Dubai home for the next 16 years provided us a central location and ample opportunity to further broaden our horizons and springboard to a host of new worldly adventures. The the more you travel and the more you open yourself up to new people, new cultures, new experiences and the better connected to the world you become. Again, we didn't know it at the time but these experiences were to prove pivotal later in life.

In 2009 at the height of the GFC we were missing our Australian families, friends and lifestyle. Big decisions needed to be made. We decided to call ‘time’ on our stint in the desert sands to return home and settle in Perth, Western Australia and into our new home; only to replace WA 6 years later with a 5500 km Eastward migration and sea change to the tropical North Queensland coast of Cairns.

Throughout my career I have been lucky enough to meet and be schooled by the most inspiring people from around the globe. Race, religion and colour are no barriers, we all have incredible stories to tell and if you actually take time to listen you will realise we are all amazing. It's these people that I have meet through my life's journey and their impart of knowledge that has proved to be instrumental in navigating the waters when the time came to take the biggest leap of faith on our journey with our own inspiration - Cyclevision.

Everyone has the capacity to have great ideas. I think the difference here is that if you truly believe in something and have a driving passion to stay the course then you must take the leap, because if you don't you will never know how far it might take you. But when you do jump, I can absolutely guarantee that whatever your dream is, it will be harder than you might ever imagine it could be, it will test you every single day, it will absolutely cost more than you think, it will take longer than you think, you will not have all the answers, you must believe in amazing ability of other people, there will be many days when you want to just give it up and there will be days when you just can't get enough.

The only thing that’s certain, it will be the ride of your life.