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Cyclevision Edge Helmet

Cyclevision Edge Helmet

Camera Helmet: 

Cyclevision's EDGE Twin Camera Bicycle Helmet integrates two HD cameras in the one helmet, providing simultaneous vision recording from both front and rear facing cameras (combined with audio) Additionally WIFI streaming live vision from the rear camera to your smart phone screen (when mounted on the bicycle handlebars) as an electronic 'rear vision mirror' 

The recorded vision is preset at 1920p x 1080p x 30 frames per second (fps) with an exceptionally high bit-rate for true color definition 

The inbuilt helmet battery is 3.7V 3200mA  and under normal operation the helmet consumes approximately 1500mA of power per hour from the onboard battery; giving the helmet an approximate operational time of  1.5 to 2.0 hours on a single battery charge

Please refer to FAQ or the online instruction manual for details to extend normal battery life.   


The helmet is labeled M/L however from experience we feel that the helmet sits much more on the Medium size than the Large size, so please compare the internal width and length of your current helmet against the Cyclevision EDGE Helmet (see images) so you have a better understanding of the overall dimensions of the EDGE helmet. The maximum sizing of the EDGE helmet is currently limited to approximately 60.5 cm = (23.8") The minimum sizing 57.0 cm = (22.4") Cyclevision EDGE Twin camera Bicycle Helmet sales are 100% through e-commerce, and we fully understand that decisions regarding comfort and fit are made difficult without actually trying the helmet on first. So we strongly recommend you run a tape measure around your head to gain your sizing and if your head measures larger than 60.5 cm then unfortunately this may not be the helmet for you. (we are working on a larger version expected early 2021) 

Comfort and Fit:

Everyone is different, that is what makes us individual, and everyone one of us is special, that's what makes us all every unique and definitely more interesting.

What someone loves, another may dislike, what fits well on one person, may not fit another. Cyclevision has produced a product that we believe most people 'within the 'average' size range' will be happy with; however there will always be exceptions to the rule. We have many customers who have purchased the helmet that 'love it' the way its presented, and we have customers who have had slight problems with the fit of the helmet, meaning they are supplementing some additional padding in internal areas of the helmet to ensure a more custom fit. If necessary feel free to adjust/add internal padding to tailor the helmet to your exact preference.

We have also had customers who unfortunately after purchasing the helmet they find that the helmet does not fit; that's OK; as said we are all individuals, so simply return the helmet for a refund as per the below Return Policy  

Australian Patent :

Australian Patent 2016265034 has been accepted and published in the Australian Patent Journal 02-07-20

Cyclevision App :

The Cyclevision App for use with our innovative helmet is now available on the App Store and Google Play

Destructive Testing & Certification:

Cyclevision EDGE twin camera bicycle helmet is certified to and contains destructive certification standards mark AS/NZS 2063:2008 + A1:2009

To ensure absolute safety, and, as mandated by law, all Cyclevision EDGE helmets undergo their destructive testing fully equipped with the complete electronics suite, twin camera modules, microprocessors and power supply installed; ready to go (as you would receive it at purchase) There are no shortcuts to your safety.

All helmets (regardless of manufacturer) undergo destructive testing without comfort padding installed. Padding and lining can be altered and adjusted for a unique tailored and preferred fit without compromising any safety standards or regulations 

Future Certification:

Certification to EN-1078 and CPSC is currently under review  


The cycling community waited patiently for 4.5 years while we developed and perfected this form of game changing wearable tech, the results are simply stunning.

The first production run of Cyclevision EDGE twin camera bicycle helmets culminated in the product being releases to a rousing response from the cycling public on 11th July 2019 and we are absolutely over the moon to be able to bring this incredible product to the cycling community

The EDGE helmet is so much more than just an everyday bicycle helmet, this is without question the most stylish, sophisticated, safety and indemnity product the cycling world will have ever seen. Whether the helmet is used to record for security and/or piece of mind or whether it is used to record and share your adventures bringing to life the incredible colors and  amazing scenery that we encounter on every ride; the helmet will do everything that you need.  


Cyclevision is elated to announce that for 2020 the Cyclevision EDGE twin camera bicycle helmets will continue being offered to the cycling public at the remarkable pricing of Australian AUD$350 ≈ (US$250) (plus postage).

These amazing helmets are available in limited numbers only, so be sure to to secure your order now for the opportunity to use this sensational new technology

Please note: Internet purchases worldwide (regardless of product) may unfortunately attract some degree of VAT/GST (payable upon collection), and I think we are all familiar with this; however conditions vary immensely from country to country, region to region and product to product. If VAT/GST is of concern then please check with your local customs office 'if tariffs apply' to Bicycle helmets prior to purchase

Helmets are available in any color you like ‘so long as' it's either black or white

 Postage, Shipping and Delivery:

Domestic and international distribution by Fulfilio, delivery by Australia Post and Startrack, preferential postage rates apply on standard freight, postage costs additional to sales cost   

Return Policy:

Cyclevision stands by its customers with regards to returning the helmet for a refund on the R.R.P. (recommended retail price) of the helmet.

Reasons for returns such as 'the helmet does not fit', 'unwanted gift, or 'there is a fault with the helmet' are acceptable reasons, so long as the goods have not been used (in the case of incorrect fit or unwanted gift) and are returned in 'as received new condition' in their original packaging. Please contact to arrange returns

Returns shall be forwarded to Cyclevision Cairns Office:-

Cyclevision Pty Ltd

48 Petrel Crescent, Mountain Creek, 4557, Queensland, Australia

As per the trend of internet sales sites, Cyclevision unfortunately cannot return the inbound or outbound freight costs associated with receiving and/or returning incorrect size items. Nor is it possible to refund VAT/GST (if any) 

Returned helmets do not get 'on-sold' by Cyclevision; returned helmets go to charities, foundations and/or organizations for which to help raise funds for cycling awareness 


The Cyclevision EDGE helmet is factory preset ready to be use straight from the box, however should you have any difficulty with any of its functions and/or would like us to run through the operation of the helmet (apart from the instruction manual on the internet) then please do not hesitate to contact us and we will make all efforts to assist with any problems or concerns you may have  

With regards to faults, many times these can be classed as operating error and can be easily solved without undue stress by contacting us in which we will help step you through a process. The helmet 'while inherently simple to use' can be a little problematic (especially when diving into the menu log for the first time) So if you are experiencing difficulty or have any questions, 'prior' or 'post' purchase, please contact Cyclevision at and we will be only too happy to reply to your questions as quickly as we can   

Dual Camera
Wide Angle
High Definition
Up to 4 hours
Water Resistant
48kHz Audio
MicroSD Included
USB Charge
Wireless Connect
Live View
Visible Indicator
Smartphone App
Regular price $ 350.00 AUD

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