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Fang Mounts by Cyclevision

Fang Mounts by Cyclevision


To complete the EDGE helmet accessory package and supplement the live vision feed of rearwards approaching traffic, we have invented and patented our own smartphone handlebar mount; we call them “Fang Mounts ®”,

These clever little folding fang like mounts have fully articulating arms that accommodate any size smartphone or cycling aid in 'landscape' orientation so you can get the most out of your screen. Whether that be GPS road mapping, Strava or rear vision camera feed, this is the mount you need 

'Fang Mounts' attach forward of the bicycle handlebars, right in your eyeline, so when paired up with Wi-Fi live feed from your EDGE helmet rear facing camera you do not need to avert your attention from the road ahead in order to view your screen.

Made from super strong Nylon Polymer the Fang Mounts are extremely robust and securely lock your smartphone into position without the need to stick anything on the back of your phone or case, and if you are in an accident the Fang Mounts simply fold up and out of the way so they do not present a hazard to the cyclist.

Fang Mounts are crazy priced and quite possibly the most versatile 'forward of the handlebar' device mounts you can get your hands on. 

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The Fang Mounts by Cyclevision is coming very soon. Initially it will be available in limited numbers as we gear up production.