dual-camera cycling helmet technology for competitive and social cyclists. 


How it Works

The Cyclevision bicycle helmet features two (2) uniquely designed 'micro HD cameras' which are embedded within the structure of the helmet. One camera is located at the front and one at the back of the helmet; both cameras record simultaneously onto twin internal Micro SD card mounted within the skeleton of the helmet. The twin cameras record with a 160 degree angle of view (horizontally and vertically) capturing all 'events' in High Definition from behind and in front of the rider, for the duration of your ride.


Our Technology

  • Helmet weight 370 grams (inclusive) 
  • Two 160 degree wide angle cameras recording simultaneously in HD 1080P, at 30FPS. 
  • Professional industry standard audio quality: 48kHz sampling rate.
  • 4.5 hours of vision data on a 'continuous overwriting loop' stored on twin 32GB Micro SD Card (supplied with helmet) 
  • Easy installation of upgraded Micro SD cards to 256GB to improve vision data storage.   
  • High quality, lightweight rechargeable Lithium Polymer (LIPO) power supply, integral within helmet structure providing 5 hours continuous recording time. 
  • Electronics waterproof to IP65 (high pressure water injection).
  • Visual and audible 'alert tone' when helmet is switched on.
  • Visual and audible 'alert tone' six (6) continuous beeps when battery is low.
  • Front light 'visual indicator' is activated when cameras are turned on.
  • Power supply USB charging + data transfer cable included.
  • Rear camera is Wi-Fi active to local LAN.
  • Rear camera is Wi-Fi active compatible for viewing on smartphone device, all live time events unfolding behind the rider. 
  • Vision and audio files easily uploaded for viewing and online sharing.
  • Helmet tested and certified to Australian bicycle helmet testing standards AS/NZS 2063.2008 and other worldwide internationally recognized bicycle helmet certification standards